Kit Coyote: A Zero Draft Preview

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

One night, Kit Coyote was feeling lonely. He had made the long trek from Bernal Hill in the North all the way down to the desert in the Land of the Burros, and now he was tired. It had taken him many days to get out of the place filled with the loud noises and fearful faces of the Tall Ones, and he was never quite sure where he was going, what he would see, or where he would end up. Even though he had been quite content as a pup on the hill, playing with his litter mates in the tall grasses overlooking the Stone Forest, he knew that there had to be some other place in the world that wasn’t filled with noise and rubbish. Occasionally, an Old Wild would appear on the hill and Kit Coyote would sit with them, listening to the wisdom from the Old Wilds who came from places without Tall Ones, without Stone Trees, even, and without the terrible, brightly colored Moving Rocks.

… to be continued…

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