Too Soon?

Too Soon?

Seven Years
Seven years have changed everything

In the pop culture measure of time, it is just a wee bit to soon for me to reboot my blog. I mean, it’s only been seven years since my last post on the original One Tough vonCookie site. But I’m doing it anyway, because the times we are living in are not normal.

In normal times, seven years since going off the air might mean you get a pleasant retrospective TV special, or a much-hyped cast reunion interview, or a 60 Minutes exposé with an epilogue by Andy Rooney.

In normal times, seven years of absence wouldn’t provide enough fodder for a schadenfreude-laden episode of “Behind the Music,” nor a single passing word in a “Where Are They Now Column”—if those still exist.

Seven years is not enough for a reboot in normal times because, generally, our world stays pretty much the same within the span of seven years.

Sure, there might be exceptions to that rule (for example, 1992 vs. 1999, in terms of technological differences). But I’m pretty sure that in the great span of time, any given year was not that much different from the world that came seven years before it.

That said, I would argue that the world has changed so much since 2011 (do I really need to mention why?) that my old blog deserves a full-scale reboot, with new cast members, a few returning characters, refreshed but familiar daily struggles, similar recurring themes… and of course, the same basic sense of humor, perhaps made a little edgier by the times.

So I’m not going to wait. I’m rebooting. Because if we learned anything at all from the Star Wars prequels it was not to make people wait too long for your voice. The expectations become way too high in your prolonged absence.

Luckily, y’all just forgot about me. I’m going to assume that that means you have no expectations of me whatsoever.

I like it. Low expectations are the key to happiness.

Lucky readers, it just so happens that the last seven years had some amazing material built into them, stuff that I should have been blogging about the whole time.


But I made the choice to live the adventures rather than write about them. Now we have seven years’ worth of catching-up to do.

There is more to say now than there ever has been before.

Welcome back to One Tough vonCookie, beloved readers. I have missed you.

Un besazo,


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